Family Photos

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Tom and Bill, having gathered the eggs
Tom and Bill, dressed for Sunday School

Tom and Bill

Tom and Bill on the front porch

Bill and Bubbles (dog) in side yard

Dad, plowing straight rows

Dad, early years on the farm
Dad, Tom, Peggy and Bill

Grandma Deimler and Peggy in backyard

Grandma Deimler, Bill, Peggy and Tom in backyard

Grandpa Deimler in chicken yard

Grandpa and Grandma Meinsler with Yvonne and Buddy (Bill's first two children)

Bill, Peggy and Tom

Bill, Peggy and Tom

Raking the field

Tom, Mike (dog) and Bill

Mom and Mike (dog)

Old workshop

Mom, early years on the farm

Mom, dressed as witch at one-room school

Mom, Tom, Peggy and Bill