Two tractors

We did have two tractors, the Farmall A and later the Crawler that I thought was a John Deere. My brother tells me it was a Oliver Cletrac and I agree completely. It was green, however, as is both Crawlers. The land we farmed was hilly and after a couple near turn overs of the Farmall, Dad decided to get something that was safer. Since we all drove the tractor at times, this was very important. The Oliver Cletrac had tracks that sat fairly wide and thus no chance for turning over. One very interesting note is that the tracks were all metal and as we drove, made a lot of noise with some neighbors a half mile away commenting about it. Pulling a hay wagon forward with the Oliver was easy, but backing a wagon up the incline to the second level of the barn took some real skill. I must admit my brother Bill was the best of all of us in performing that task.