Hello to All,
     I note that a lot of folks are viewing my Blog. I will try to add new information as time goes on. Right now the weather in Pennsylvania is very cold. With the recent snow storm, I can picture the old farm covered with ice and snow. All too soon the ice will melt and the fields again will turn green. It is nice to know that new life on the farm will abound.
     For those of you who may be interested, I am offering purchase of a "signed copy" of Straight Rows at a reduced cost of an even $12 (instead of the regular $12.95 plus postage) and in addition I will not only sign the book but I will pay the packing and pay the postage to mail it to you as well.
Just access my PayPal via my eMail as follows: tomdeimler@me.com and pay the $12. I will then sign my book and mail it to you.
Best wishes, Tom