Farm Life in the Great Depression

     Farm life back in the 1930's and 1940's was challenge for the entire family. We worked hard and even though we were poor, there was always enough food on the table. I often think about how good a "manager" my dad was as he had to make certain all areas of expense were covered. Also, getting planting done in time, not to mention the harvest. Busy is the word that best describes the day to day operation of the Deimler family.
     If you would like to get a close up feel for how we lived, reading "Straight Rows" will describe it for you. With the thought that perhaps this informative memoir could be used in a classroom setting. I would be happy to give a quantity price for a bulk order. Or give you first hand information by phone. My cell phone # is 678-nine-seven-seven-1781 and my email is: